How Your Giving Helps

Libraries are experiencing a renaissance.

Dear Friends,

As president of the Fairhope Public Library Foundation for the past year, I have had the opportunity to see up close our wonderful library at work. I see the main reading room full of patrons every time I’m there, I see the children’s area’s cozy setting for parents and children to read and learn together, and, more often than not, I overhear a movie or lecture in the beautiful Giddens auditorium. Here are some numbers to show you what an asset the Fairhope Public Library is to this community.

In the past 12 months, the library has had:

-  187,987 visitors (in a town of 17,000 residents)
-  182,578 books, dvds, and cd’s circulated
-  40,234 internet users
-  652 programs for adults with 21,049 attendees
-  38 programs for children with 1,172 kids participating
-  5,961 new items added to the library collection

Now is the time for our board to ask for your help to keep the Fairhope Public Library in the top tier in Alabama where it has been for many years. Our community is growing and our library will need to keep up with public demands for services. We have committed to purchase a circulation kiosk that will allow library patrons to complete a self-checkout of books and audio/visual materials, and we will also assist with other projects that are beyond the scope of the library’s annual budget. Tamara Dean, our library director, is an efficient steward of all library funds who is always looking toward the future in media services. With your help, we can support her work to maintain our Gold Star library status for years to come.

Please consider a tax deductible donation to the Fairhope Public Library Foundation by completing the enclosed form to pay by check or credit card and returning it in the envelope provided. You may also pay by credit card online via our secure donation portal here. Please renew your commitment now or become a first-time donor for 2018. Thank you for your support.

-Robin Fitzhugh, President of the Board